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3M Pouyet STG System

3M Pouyet STG System
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Pouyet STG 2000 modules

STG 2000 is the last evolution of STG range of connection modules. This module offers category 5 transmission performance as a standard. As a result this module can be used in any modern network and is fully compatible with all kind of applications (xDSL, Pair gain...). Termination is easy, cables and  jumpers can be managed from the rear or from the side.
Reliability and performance Straight IDC technology offers outstanding performances:
- Multiple reterminations with all kinds of conductor gauges in the 0,4 mm to 0,8 mm range
- Improved wire retention (in all directions)
- Gas-tight connection area - corrosion proof
- Tin-lead plating on contacts prevents corrosion
- Transmission performances meet cat 5 (100 MHz)
- 2 wires can be accommodated in the same slot
- Very compact connection module
- Specific contacts for stranded wires upon request.
Application in network
- Suitable for high-density installation (2400 pair single sided cross connection cabinets, 1600 pairs on 2,6 meter vertical MDF, containerised exchanges...)
- STG 2000 modules are suitable for public telephony (MDF, cross connection cabinets, building distribution) as well as for private telephony and high data rates transmission.