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Fibrlok II Splice/Holder 2539

Art.No.: 2539
Fibrlok II Splice/Holder 2539
for 250/900um Buffered Fiber

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3M Manufacturer: 3M
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Fibrlok II Splice/Holder 2539

3M™ Fibrlok™ II splice/holder integrates the 3M™ Fibrlok™ II splice 2529, actuation tool, and holder all in one package. It enables fast, on-site installation without a separate assembly tool or splice tray.

Designed for restoration of broken fiber and the final Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) drop connection, it can be easily used with singlemode or multimode fibers with 250µm or 900µm tight buffer.* Clamps on each side of the splice provide strain relief for the 900µm tight buffer for long-term stability and reliability. Very high bond tape on the bottom of the splice/holder permanently holds it at the splice location, which is especially useful at optical network terminals.

The Fibrlok II splice/holder is also available with a pre-terminated SC/APC or SC/UPC pigtail (0.75meters/ 30 inches) for easy installation. Pigtail is fabricated with 10mm radius, bend insensitive, zero water peak fiber.

* The 3M Fibrlok II Splice/Holder is designed for 900μm tight buffer and 250μm primary coated fiber. To splice 900μm loose tube, semi-tight, or release layered fiber remove the 900μm coating within the last four inches or more from the fiber end to be cleaved.
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Current product Fibrlok II Splice/Holder 2539 Fibrlok II Splice/Holder 2539
Art.No.: 2539  
for 250/900um Buffered Fiber
12,24 €*